Top 5 Car Window Tint brands

Solar Gard Winding Tinting Film And Products

Solar Gard has a range of tinted window film products. The line of tints includes dyed films, metallic films, and ceramic-based films. The dyed films restricts interferences that can be caused due to electronic interferences which is a problem seen with metallic ones. Whereas the metallic films makes the windows visible even in dark shades and ceramic ones doesn’t allow UV perforation at all. They even provide guarantee so you do not have to worry about wearing away of the tints at all !

Suntek Car Tinted Windows Film

Customers who have budget constrain, Suntek tinted film can be the ideal choice for them. However the lower price doesn’t suggest they compromise their quality in any means. In fact Suntek concentrates in manufacturing the darkest tint but not violating legal restriction which also restricts electronic interference.

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tint For Cars or Trucks

The company Huper Optik is of German origin and they are quite widely known for manufacturing one of the best tints in the world. They make 3 kinds of tints metallic, dye and ceramic. The dark non-ceramic ones can prevent heat. But they are best at making ceramic tints with the usage of nano-ceramic technology to offer visible view even at dark shades. They are though a bit expensive but worth every penny.

Llumar Car Window Film Products

Llumar has a range of tint products but they excel at making metallic tint products the most. Llumar specializes in layering metallic tints with dyed tints to give more darkened shades, since only dyed tints have a tendency to fade away more easily. However to prevent electronic interference they have ceramic tints of very good quality that is more resilient to wearing off and also to prevent heat.

3M Car Window Film for Tinted car windows

3M is quite famous for offering window tint films and considered one of the best. They have Crystalline Tint which offers clear film. The benefit of the tint is they have the properties of dark tints such as preventing heat and UV rays yet they are not that dark in shade so assures non-violation of laws regarding tints.

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