The word “coil-overs, “emanates from the phrase “coil springs over shock.” The components of a coil-over are coil spring and shock absorber. The coil spring goes around the shock absorber spirally. These components are usually assembled using an installation kit after purchase and they can also be replaced in parts when a certain part begins to malfunction.

There is a lot of uncertainty on the best way to upgrade suspension in an automobile, and the two options are coil-overs or lowering springs. While making this decision, the factors to be considered are- pricing, durability, comfort and adjustability. While lowering springs are cheaper for a low budget, it is necessary to give your vehicle some class and longevity by considering coil-overs. The flexibility of coil-overs enables you optimize the suspension of your vehicle. Coil-overs come in different shapes, sizes, models and specifications depending on the brand of vehicle you use. Seeking professional help in choosing a coil over is recommended. The types of coil overs include full bodied, sleeved type, and drag coil-overs. A camber kit is also most useful for when you decide to lower the suspension of your ride.


Since coil-overs are a fusion of shocks and springs, tightly packed it saves you the time and energy of purchasing and installing them separately. The performance level of the vehicle is also improved with better navigation and the option of choosing the level of suspension you desire for your vehicle. Some drivers like really high suspension especially on uneven roads while some like a super low suspension which gives you that luxury sports car look. Whatever your choice of suspension levels, coil-overs are built to adjust to your desired level. It is also import to go for brands that are known to produce high quality coil-overs such as the BC brand; professional manufacturers of racing coil-overs.

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