Military Vehicles

War- something which some people is a necessary evil while others grumble in disapproval saying it’s the most inhumane act. But let us not get in to that-what I really want to talk about is the involvement of automobiles in this controversial “event”.
Military vehicles have been around even before automobiles existed! Yes, I mean those gallant horses. The first significant automobile involvement in wars was during the First World War- and goodness gracious me they did make an impact or what! From trucks to bikes to tanks to air planes to helicopters to ships-this list is gargantuan!

You might be wondering how are military vehicles different than ordinary vehicles? Well, to answer this question let me tell you that some automobiles are only built for wars- such as the tank; I mean you don’t see a “civilian tank” on the road right? That being almost all other vehicles like cars, ships and helicopters etcetera are heavily customized to make them compatible with the rough war field.

Military vehicles must be very sturdy and therefore their body is basically armor. Being bullet proof is very common for these vehicles. However, that’s not all an extremely powerful engine is quintessential for these vehicles as such heavy and rigid bodies won’t move around effectively with a cute little engine.

Military vehicles are well known to have fire arms attached to them- again let us think about tanks! Like that big cannon they have! Fighter jets are also a fairly good contender of this list as they are extremely well equipped with a vast array of fire arms.

So what is the future of military vehicles? Seeing the numerous drones, we can confidently expect all other vehicles to follow the same route and minimize the human life risk greatly. Although this does contradict with the vehicles purpose of creation- doesn’t it?

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