2017 Most Popular Tuner Wheels

We have compiled a list below of some of our favourite wheels, check out the pictures below as well as a brief summary of each wheel. T

SSR GTV01 Flat Back

This model is below $500 range to be precise almost $400, so if you are opting for rims which would not leave a gaping hole in your wallet, this will be a very good decision. It is quite enduring and light yet excels in its performance. The rims are offered in varying ranges of size and also the pattern of the bolt facilitating you to choose from them. This can easily fit into a Miata or even a Mercedes wagon.


Rotiform Cast CCV Wheels

This is for a low budget option, under $250 yet it surprises users with its distinctive and remarkable design and bolt patterns. Also comes with an array of fitments and ranges of colours.

HRE Vintage 505M Wheels

If you are a true fan of Vintage and own vintage super cars as well from the ‘80s or ‘90s then this is the perfect fit for you. The wheels not only glamorize the stylish vintage look in the cars but also durable and entitled to last a long time. Their performance is also top notch. They are meant to adjust with the modern era. However it is a bit on the expensive side amounting up to $1900 but there is no compromise in quality, so worth the money.

O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT Wheels

If lightweight is your top priority then O.Z. fits your criteria perfectly. Not only are the wheels light but quite sturdy and strong so there is no compromise when it comes to performance hence it is a tough competition among its competitors. The wheels have a diameter of about 19 to 20 inches and can be as light as 20 pounds. The price range is within $470.

Volk Racing TE37sl Ultra Wheels

If you are willing to spend a little over $1000, above mid price range then these wheels can be a great option. Also it is ideal for the tuning scene of Japan. While manufacturing the wheels top quality for high performance, lightweight and classic design of six-spoke style was kept on mind. They are also offered in a variety of colors from matte red to matte black. So this will surely be a great deal !

Top 5 Car Window Tint brands

Solar Gard Winding Tinting Film And Products

Solar Gard has a range of tinted window film products. The line of tints includes dyed films, metallic films, and ceramic-based films. The dyed films restricts interferences that can be caused due to electronic interferences which is a problem seen with metallic ones. Whereas the metallic films makes the windows visible even in dark shades and ceramic ones doesn’t allow UV perforation at all. They even provide guarantee so you do not have to worry about wearing away of the tints at all !

Suntek Car Tinted Windows Film

Customers who have budget constrain, Suntek tinted film can be the ideal choice for them. However the lower price doesn’t suggest they compromise their quality in any means. In fact Suntek concentrates in manufacturing the darkest tint but not violating legal restriction which also restricts electronic interference.

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Tint For Cars or Trucks

The company Huper Optik is of German origin and they are quite widely known for manufacturing one of the best tints in the world. They make 3 kinds of tints metallic, dye and ceramic. The dark non-ceramic ones can prevent heat. But they are best at making ceramic tints with the usage of nano-ceramic technology to offer visible view even at dark shades. They are though a bit expensive but worth every penny.

Llumar Car Window Film Products

Llumar has a range of tint products but they excel at making metallic tint products the most. Llumar specializes in layering metallic tints with dyed tints to give more darkened shades, since only dyed tints have a tendency to fade away more easily. However to prevent electronic interference they have ceramic tints of very good quality that is more resilient to wearing off and also to prevent heat.

3M Car Window Film for Tinted car windows

3M is quite famous for offering window tint films and considered one of the best. They have Crystalline Tint which offers clear film. The benefit of the tint is they have the properties of dark tints such as preventing heat and UV rays yet they are not that dark in shade so assures non-violation of laws regarding tints.

Pioneer A-Series Speaker

When you start driving or have an experience for driving, you always want to have other facilities of driving, apart from just the engine or the technical parts of it. What’s the possible thing that could you want apart from just the driving experience? The music.

We always want to have the sound when we are driving, it just makes the whole experience a lot better. But of course, if the speaker does not give the right music and breaks out if the sound is too loud then it could be very annoying and a really terrible driving experience for you as a driver and also for the others who are riding. For that, car owners always have to be careful when they are choosing the perfect speaker for their car because the whole search for the perfect speaker is a hit-or-miss thing. So, today we bring you the Pioneer A-Series speaker which offers the best car speaker, as per the reviews by other owners. They contribute to an overall great audio quality and handles a lot of power and loudness.

The best quality of the speaker is that it has the loudest volume in the comparative loudness test. However, there is a downfall as well and that is the 100 watt continuous power handler is actually below average. The speaker is available in every size except 5×7 inch, though you could use an installation bracket as an option with the 4×6 inch speaker. Even if this certain drawback, it never performs any less than a great quality speaker for your car.

The speaker comes in black and is very affordable. Even if you think it might be a little over your budget, you might be happy to know that this is very sustainable and would give you service for a long time. So, you don’t have to worry about not having to change the speaker as soon as you turn up the volume. From next time around, you can rest assure to have a mini-party in your car with your great speakers along with your friends and/or family. Take your driving experience to the next level this time.

Military Vehicles

War- something which some people is a necessary evil while others grumble in disapproval saying it’s the most inhumane act. But let us not get in to that-what I really want to talk about is the involvement of automobiles in this controversial “event”.
Military vehicles have been around even before automobiles existed! Yes, I mean those gallant horses. The first significant automobile involvement in wars was during the First World War- and goodness gracious me they did make an impact or what! From trucks to bikes to tanks to air planes to helicopters to ships-this list is gargantuan!

You might be wondering how are military vehicles different than ordinary vehicles? Well, to answer this question let me tell you that some automobiles are only built for wars- such as the tank; I mean you don’t see a “civilian tank” on the road right? That being almost all other vehicles like cars, ships and helicopters etcetera are heavily customized to make them compatible with the rough war field.

Military vehicles must be very sturdy and therefore their body is basically armor. Being bullet proof is very common for these vehicles. However, that’s not all an extremely powerful engine is quintessential for these vehicles as such heavy and rigid bodies won’t move around effectively with a cute little engine.

Military vehicles are well known to have fire arms attached to them- again let us think about tanks! Like that big cannon they have! Fighter jets are also a fairly good contender of this list as they are extremely well equipped with a vast array of fire arms.

So what is the future of military vehicles? Seeing the numerous drones, we can confidently expect all other vehicles to follow the same route and minimize the human life risk greatly. Although this does contradict with the vehicles purpose of creation- doesn’t it?

Mishimoto Radiator

Good radiators are hard to find, especially if it’s for the car you love. Radiators play a huge role in keeping the car cool and in order to maintain the car properly, you need to buy a radiator that would last for a long time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be running forever, but at least, as much as possible. Today, we’ll talk about one of the best brands for radiators in the world. The company, Mishimoto, guarantees a good health of your car.

The brand offers absolute quality aluminum radiators to racing thermostats for enhancing the performance of the engine for both car and race enthusiasts. Daily drivers who use diesel or gasoline, use car or truck can be determined to be absolutely stunned by the engine’s performance with Mishimoto’s radiator. The radiator can hold up no matter what the conditions are. The research and development team always make sure to keep the driver’s needs first. The drivers always are looking for a quality cooling system upgrades. Every sport compact is designed specifically as a direct OEM replacements. This is for optimum performance and flawless installation.

Not only this, but Mishimoto’s dirt bike racing radiators are also gem. It delivers a top notch cooling for riders that help them with off road or race on the track making sure for great performance. Mishimoto truck radiators are also as good as the others previously mentioned. They are made from high quality aluminum, especially for dependable performance that you can count on every once in a while. The best part? They have a limited lifetime warranty, which means top class customer service at all time. No questions asked! They have the option for replacement no matter what the defect is. The warranty claim however has to be accompanied by original receipt from authorized distributor or dealer.

Most importantly, this includes any accidents of the vehicle but in order to claim the warranty service the driver or the owner needs to have pictures of the accident and a police report within the last three months. With the above mentioned benefits, Mishimoto is definitely one of the top listers and all this is for $260 only.


The word “coil-overs, “emanates from the phrase “coil springs over shock.” The components of a coil-over are coil spring and shock absorber. The coil spring goes around the shock absorber spirally. These components are usually assembled using an installation kit after purchase and they can also be replaced in parts when a certain part begins to malfunction.

There is a lot of uncertainty on the best way to upgrade suspension in an automobile, and the two options are coil-overs or lowering springs. While making this decision, the factors to be considered are- pricing, durability, comfort and adjustability. While lowering springs are cheaper for a low budget, it is necessary to give your vehicle some class and longevity by considering coil-overs. The flexibility of coil-overs enables you optimize the suspension of your vehicle. Coil-overs come in different shapes, sizes, models and specifications depending on the brand of vehicle you use. Seeking professional help in choosing a coil over is recommended. The types of coil overs include full bodied, sleeved type, and drag coil-overs. A camber kit is also most useful for when you decide to lower the suspension of your ride.


Since coil-overs are a fusion of shocks and springs, tightly packed it saves you the time and energy of purchasing and installing them separately. The performance level of the vehicle is also improved with better navigation and the option of choosing the level of suspension you desire for your vehicle. Some drivers like really high suspension especially on uneven roads while some like a super low suspension which gives you that luxury sports car look. Whatever your choice of suspension levels, coil-overs are built to adjust to your desired level. It is also import to go for brands that are known to produce high quality coil-overs such as the BC brand; professional manufacturers of racing coil-overs.